Heartland Lions Eye Banks – With the support of the Lions and partners in donation and generous donor families, the eye bank has provided 2,375
corneas for transplant, including 339 in Kansas, this past fiscal year.

KU Eye Center – The Kansas Lions Sight Foundation (KLSF) partners with the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Department of
Ophthalmology.  DG Beverly Nichols is the current chairperson who attends the KUMC Advisory Council meetings to keep KLSF informed of the activities
of KUMC and to keep the Dept. of Ophthalmology aware of relevant KLSF activities.  DG Beverly has been able to help establish a KU Eye Center Branch
Lions Club with the host Overland Park Lions Club.  One of the KUMC Department of Ophthalmology first year residents will be assisting with the KLSF
Mobile Screening Unit’s (MSU) vision screenings at this year’s state fair.  KLSF provides financial assistance through Candy Day promotions to the KU
Dept. of Ophthalmology.

Governor Brownback to Proclaim Kansas Sight Week - At a signing ceremony on August 24, at the request of the KLSF, Governor Sam Brownback
will proclaim the week of October 14 through October 20 as Kansas Sight Week.  Timing of this signing coincides with the Lions Clubs International’s focus
on sight during October.  

KanLovKids - This is an initiative of the Kansas Optometric Association (KOA), Kansas School for the Blind (KSSB), and the Kansas Lions Sight
Foundation  (KLSF) that provides low vision evaluation and rehabilitation services to children from birth to 22 years.  In the fall of 2011, the KanLovKids
program received a boost in funding from the Lion Club International Foundation, which was the first-ever grant for low vision services in the United
States.  This grant has helped to purchase equipment and set up additional testing sites.  KLSF recently approved $10,000 to supplement low vision and
pediatric low vision collaboration clinics again this year.

Mobile Screening Unit (MSU)– The KLSF is grateful to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Foundation  for the financial assistance to support this unit and
provide free vision, hearing, blood sugar, blood pressure, and now pediatric screenings.  To date the MSU had been to 39 sites, with 16 more visits in
2012.  The MSU will be available inside the Sunflower North Building at this year’s Kansas State Fair to offer screenings to all fair attendees.  In 2011 we
were able to provide these screenings to over 1,800 individuals at the fair.

Vision Screening - “Vision disability is the single most prevalent disabling condition among children.”  “An undiagnosed or untreated vision disorder
clearly leaves a child behind in the classroom…..the factors related to a student’s vision are significantly better predictors of academic success than is
race or socioeconomic status.”  (ASCD) Kansas Lions Sight Foundation through local Lions clubs continues its efforts to insure all children in Kansas have
access to vision screening.  Vision screening should start at birth.  There are vision screening devices available to screen children as young as six months
of age.  Many of these screeners are already in place in Kansas communities thanks to the Kansas Lions.  Vision correction in children needs to start
before the child reaches school age.

Thanks to all Kansas Lions for helping the Kansas Lions Sight Foundation to follow Helen Keller’s directive to be “Knights of the Blind”.
Kansas Lion Sight Foundation
August, 2012
“We Serve”