Kansas Lion Sight Foundation
JUNE, 2016
“We Serve”

By-Laws – There are proposed changes to the Kansas Lions Sight Foundation (KLSF) by-laws which have been reviewed by the KLSF Board of
Directors and proposed to be voted on at the 2016 Kansas Lions State Convention.

Audio Reader (AR) – AR is grateful to the KLSF for providing $17,500 in funds for satellite fees and Large Print and Braille Program Guides.  The
KLSF has been supporting AR since 1983.  Audio Reader has new staff on board: Executive Director – Dan Skinner, Program Manager – Nick Carswell,
and Development Director, Beth McKenzie have joined the AR team and are enjoying working with staff, volunteers, and donors such as the Lions clubs.
Mark Doyen Used Eyeglass Collection – PDG Bernard Lee, Eyeglass Collection Chairman, is very thankful to all Lions who have stepped forward to
assist with the eye glasses recycling efforts at Winfield, Hutchinson, and Ellsworth Correctional Facilities in Multiple District 17.  Twenty-seven of the
small boxes of processed used eyeglasses have been given to mission groups to be used in South America, Guatemala, and Honduras.  This is proof
that TEAMWORK DOES PAY BIG DIVIDENDS.  Lion Sylvia is working with Lion Delores Bodine (Eyeglass Chairman for District K) to coordinate
eyeglass collection efforts for western Kansas and when sorted getting them delivered to the Ellsworth Correctional Facility to be processed.
At the present there are 73 boxes of sorted glasses in PDG Bernard’s barn at Scranton.  He has been in contact with the Indiana Lions who pick up
these glasses to be processed and recycled.  They plan to pick up another load late this summer.  Please remember PDG Bernard is at every state
Lions meeting to collect used eye glasses.  The gold that is salvaged from the eye glass frames that are not useable is collected and recently the gold
in storage at a Topeka jewelry store was sold for $20,135.  This will definitely help with the supplies purchased to recycle and process used eye glasses.
Fund Raising – For $100 donation to the KLSF a club or individual will receive a “Knights of Sight” pin.  There have been twelve of these pins awarded
since Mid-Winter Rally.  When making a donation to the KLSF please notify PDG Marilyn Sorenson if you would like a pin.  There is still time to buy a
raffle ticket for the Model A with the Lions emblem for $100 each.  Please contact PID Gene Vogel if you would like raffle tickets as this will be raffled at
the 2016 Kansas Lions State Convention.

Saving Sight – Each year around 48,000 individuals in the United States require a cornea transplant to restore vision that has been lost due to
disease, disorder or injury.  Saving Sight provided corneas for more than 3,000 of those transplant surgeries in 2015.  Fiscal year to date, July 1, 2015
to April 30, 2016 Saving Sight has provided corneal tissue for 357 transplant surgeries in Kansas.  Sign up for the donor registry by registering at
Donate Life America or at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office.  Be sure to share your decision to be an eye, organ, and tissue donor with
you family and friends.  Join Saving Sight at the 2016 Kansas State Fair by volunteering to serve at the Donor Registry booth adjacent to the KLSF
Mobile Screening Unit by contacting Heather Britain at 1-800-753-2265 or hbritain@savingsight.org.   

Mobile Screening Unit (MSU) – The MSU will be returning to the Kansas State Fair September 9th through and including September 18, 2016.  
Booth space has been secured directly across from the MSU.  We need Lions volunteers to staff the MSU for three shifts per day: 9:30a.m.-2:00p.m, 1:
30p.m.-6:00p.m., and 6:00p.m.-9:00p.m.  We will use nursing students for the blood pressure and blood sugar screening; however, if you are a medical
professional and want to volunteer your time please contact Lion Sylvia Reinhardt.  For any Lion who would like to volunteer for this great Lions service
project, either individuals or Lions clubs please contact Lion Ron Bretz at wildfires@cox.net or 316-283-1921 or Lion Sylvia Reinhardt at
poorfarmer@eaglecom.net, 785-200-6132, or 620-921-6139.  

Kansas Kid Sight – Twelve new Spot Vision Screeners and support printers were put into service by the Kansas Lions in January, 2016.  With the
addition of these screeners the Lions Clubs in Kansas have been able to screen an additional 1500 children in the first five months along with the
children being screened with the vision screeners already being used by the Kansas Lions. There will be training for vision screening at the 2016 Lions
State Convention.  Statistics show there are approximately 40,000 births in Kansas each year.  This means that there are 240,000 children under the
age of six living in Kansas and at any given time available to be screened.
Vision Service to Veterans – Per Lion Robert Hamilton at this time due to funds and limited staff the outreach transportation to rural vets is limited to a
25 mile radius of the Dole VA Center.  There has been another opportunity to work with veterans proposed by the Wichita Northwest Lions Club.  It was
for clubs to help sponsor a vet on a Kansas Honor Flight.

The newly elected directors to the KLSF are from 17-N, PCC Jess Larison, 17-K, Lion Justin Burrus, and 17-A, Lion David Hentges.
The Nomination Committee has proposed the following candidates for the KLSF Board:  PID Gene Vogel, president; Lion Sylvia Reinhardt, vice-
president; PDG Marilyn Sorenson, secretary, and Lion Andy Hoedl, treasurer.

Lion Sylvia Reinhardt
KLSF VP                                                                                                           
Kansas Lions Sight Foundation Report – June 2016